Nodes What Are Nodes Anyway

While the Nodes of the Moon are not heavenly bodies, they nonetheless add some essential information to your birth chart. Exactly opposite each other, these points are often called your past and your future. Let's look at them a little more closely.

The South Node n can represent your heredity or your past, and some call the South Node the "point of letting go." This means that you have already learned these lessons and mastered these skills; if you continue along this path, it will be the "easy way out." In other words, because you know how to do these things extremely well, there is no growth, no challenge, and no learning gained from doing them.

The North Node N, exactly opposite the South Node in its placement, represents your possibilities, your area of greatest growth, and where your future lies. If you follow the path of your North Node, you can gain new confidence as you learn new ideas. This is the path to developing new skills, abilities, and growth. Of course, it's also the path that is less comfortable for you.

Your "comfort zone" is your South Nodeā€”but being comfortable isn't necessarily your best path.

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