Neptune in the Twelfth House

Neptune in the Twelfth House prefers to work in a quiet place that allows its creativity to flow. This placement can indicate an almost other-worldly type of person, who is also very helpful to others and finely tuned to his or her own subconscious. Because this is Neptune's home house and it's very happy here, this placement can be a strong source of wisdom. These people are highly intuitive and may be in touch with the collective mind, which could be thought of as a pool of ideas we're all plugged into. If Neptune's well aspected, they also may be artistic, musical, or poetic and could have a strong talent for psychology, psychic abilities, or healing. Their search for an inner spiritual path is important, and until they find it, their lives can be "in a fog" or isolated. Their strong ability to absorb other people's feelings and energies makes it difficult for them to be around negative people.

Pluto ) in the Twelfth House

If you have Pluto in the Twelfth House, you have the potential to spiritualize all aspects of your life, and your unconscious intention is to merge or identify with the Source, God—or a higher power. To do this, you are trying to dissolve any and all blockages you have to this, whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. This is naturally a frightening prospect for anyone used to a concept of "self" (and that's all of us humans), and avoidance behaviors, such as living out dreams and illusions, or compulsive actions may manifest because of this. The lesson here is faith, and what you're willing to take on faith, to find the ultimate meaning of life. The evolutionary intent of your soul is to develop specific, useful methods for learning to analyze yourself and hone transcendental meditation techniques that allow you to experience the Source so that you find your blockages and eliminate them. In addition, you need to perform some type of "right work," which helps or serves others. You need to learn to believe in your own intuitive abilities, develop faith, and, in the process, let go of the idea of self. This is particularly hard for people from western civilizations to do!

North Node N in the Twelfth House / South Node n in the Sixth House

With a twelfth-house North Node and a sixth-house South Node, you're learning to move beyond yourself—but it's a tough lesson, and you may spend far too much time either wallowing in self-pity or criticizing everyone else. You need to learn to see yourself as not only part of a larger whole, but to see that the whole universe is also contained in you. When you learn this, you'll see the greater harmony and syn-chronicity of all things. This is an opportunity to find all the answers you need within yourself, serve others, and become part of a higher cause or purpose.

The Least You Need to Know

^ The fourth-quadrant houses your dreams and ambitions.

^ It's your tenth house that holds your reputation, social role, and career.

^ Your eleventh house is where you'll find the groups that help you achieve your goals and desires.

^ Look in your twelfth house for your subconscious, your past, and the unknown.

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