Neptune in Scorpio 8 b 1955571970

Neptune in Scorpio can be self-destructive—and potently powerful. The purpose of Neptune in Scorpio is to encourage spiritual regeneration. But since most people didn't follow this path during this most recent transit, it degenerated into exploiting sex for commercial purposes. The birth-control pill dissolved fears of getting pregnant, but this, in turn, led to a higher incidence of venereal diseases. This is also the generation of the drug culture and rock music, and advances in civil rights, which were connected to dissolving the established power bases. Neptune in Scorpio natives have an enormous capacity for renewal, especially spiritually, and there also can be an extraordinary capacity for psychic awareness or an interest in the occult. This period saw the beginnings of tremendous change in every facet of life; after all, Neptune in Scorpio is intensely inspired.

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