Moon River aka Moon in Scorpio

Now that we've looked briefly at his Sun, we'll move on to Spielberg's Moon, the second part of the important triad. We notice his Moon is in Scorpio in the Fifth House, and we realize this is someone with very powerful emotions. He may not always share them with others, but it is definitely part of his strong, creative drive. Additionally, because Scorpio is a fixed sign, he never gives up, no matter what the odds!

Notice that the sign of Scorpio doesn't have a house cusp. This is called an interception, and it shows an area of his life that he needs to develop on his own, outside of his local environment, since others may not understand his true needs or respond in ways that are supportive.

In Spielberg's case, because the Moon is intercepted, his emotional needs may not be understood by others, so he may be less likely to express them. Or they may run rampant when he's upset. (Note that Venus and Jupiter are in the same boat, so he may have been forced to develop his values and beliefs on his own terms for similar reasons.) With his Moon in Scorpio and intercepted, his vulnerability may be so great that he could take special precautions to prevent others from getting too close.

We also notice that the Moon is square to Saturn in the Second House and realize that he tries to keep his emotions under a tight rein, while channeling those strong feelings into his creative (Fifth House) endeavors. However, too much internalizing of his emotions could lead to difficulties with depression or despondency. In any case, his emotional nature (Moon) is very intense (Scorpio), and it's very much behind his powerful success. According to Noel Tyl, a distinguished astrologer, Spielberg's Moon in the Fifth House also shows his "incredible imagination in his films, appealing not just to children but to the fanciful child in every adult."

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