Moon in Aquarius

You may find it hard to get close to an independent Moon in Aquarius—being different is as necessary to this Moon as breathing, and anything that furthers Aquarian Moons' uniqueness holds their attention. Intuitively strong, Moons in Aquarius often make new discoveries, but they also may discover that new territories are lonely places. Others adore Moons in Aquarius, but they'll find what really attracts these independent Moons is unattainability. Progressive Aquarian Moons feel through their individuality, with an emotional nature that is cool, impartial, and ultimately on its own.


Capricorn Moons often become world leaders, but this may be because they mistake control (external approval) for love (internal approval). Napoleon had a Capricorn Moon, for example, and so did Abraham Lincoln and Indira Gandhi. Capricorn Moons' determination can help them achieve the power they seek, but they also may find that it's lonely at the top.

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