Mars War and Peace

There's a long-lived tendency to equate Mars with aggression and war, and that's no accident: This is the planet of action and warrior ways, after all. But Mars is about much more than that, of course, and here we will find how we manifest everything from physical energy and desires to our egos and how we deal with (or don't deal with!) our anger.

Mars represents courage and so is bold and courageous in certain signs—but not all of them. You could think of your Mars as your "assertiveness training": Your Mars can show you how you're going to fight your battles—and how you may have seemingly pointless conflicts.

Because this is how your independence can be found, too, your Mars sign can indicate how you're going to begin to separate your battles from the battles of others, and in the process find your path to personal achievement and success.

Mars in the signs describes how you express your energies, assert yourself, and how you go about meeting your needs and desires.

Fiery Mars is the war god, but that's not all there is to him. The Hebrew word for Mars, in fact, is M'Adam, which should look vaguely familiar: It's Adam, the first man. Just as Venus is the archetypal woman, Mars can be thought of as the archetypal man: goal-oriented, physical in his approach, and a protector of those who need protecting. Don't think of him as just a warrior, though; think of him as the one in the lead—like Adam!

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