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In addition to being connected to each other through rulerships, signs and planets also are associated with certain houses.

What we're going to show here is which planets and signs are naturally associated with each house. Remember, though, where your planets are depends on your chart. In addition, don't forget that if you have more than one planet in a particular house, that's going to indicate an emphasis in that area of your life, and just what that emphasis is depends on which planets are in which house. Whew!

Also, just as certain planets naturally rule certain signs, they also rule certain houses. And which planet rules which house is determined by which planet naturally rules the sign on the cusp of the house.

(If we've lost you, don't worry—we'll be going over this more slowly in Chapters 15 through 18.)

Now, in Steven Spielberg's chart, the Seventh House appears to be "empty." But look at that house's cusp sign: It's Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Now the Seventh House's natural ruling sign is Libra, and its natural ruling planet is Venus, so the Seventh House is the area where your primary relationships happen.

For Spielberg, with no planets emphasized here, it may initially seem to you that this would not be a major arena of his life. But notice that Saturn, the ruler of his Seventh House, is in his Second House near Pluto, a very powerful planet. This indicates that Spielberg has very important and powerful relationships, and that these people are also part of his personal resources. In Chapter 21, "All About Me: Interpreting Your Astrological Chart," we'll discuss interhouse connections, called aspects, and show you how important they are in individual charts.

The following figure shows you which signs and which rulers and co-rulers appear naturally in each house. These associations relate directly to what we just mentioned in Spielberg's chart—and they'll have an impact on your chart as well.


Cusps are the beginning of each house. The ascendant, for example, is the beginning of the First House, the house of self, and the next cusp is the beginning of the Second House, and so on. The cusps also separate the houses from each other.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Your ascendant is the mask you wear for the world.

^ The planets represent different parts of you, the "what" of you and your life. ^ Every planet rules at least one sign. ^ The Moon's Nodes represent your past and your future. ^ Houses represent the areas of your life.

^ Each sign and its corresponding ruler are associated with one of the houses in the natural charts.

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