Home Is Where Your Hat Is

Another branch of astrology can actually determine what kinds of experiences you will have in a particular location in the country or world. One type of astrology in this branch is known as relocation astrology, in which your birth chart is done for the same time and day of birth, but for a location other than your birthplace. So, your chart changes to show what your life would be like in that location. Hmmm— Australia? Tahiti? Paris?

Then there's AstroCartoGraphy. As you might suspect from its name, this type is basically a map of the world with lines all over it, showing where in the world your planets were rising and setting at the moment of your birth. (If I was born in New Jersey, then why am I strangely drawn to India?)

In the place where you now are, you may feel insecure and rarely voice your feelings, but if you moved to a different location, you might be very different; your personality might blossom, and you might be positive and direct instead.

Relocation astrology can help you determine in advance what types of experiences you might tend to have in particular places. And, depending on the location, you might have very good career circumstances, a wonderful home life, or transformational experiences that totally change your identity—or you could have more challenges than you ever dreamed of.

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