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Nothing is more important to us than our health; without it, we can't do any of the other things that matter so much to our lives—from love to work to where we live. And astrology and health have been connected for a very long time. Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and physician who lived around 400 b.c.e., and who is considered the father of modern medicine (do the words "Hippocratic Oath" ring a bell?), once said, "A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician."

In "the good old days," when people went to the doctor, the first thing that doctor did was draw up their astrological charts. These days, most doctors don't do that, but we can still use what astrology can tell us to stay healthy and achieve a sense of well-being.

Today, there are medical astrologers—and even physicians—who use astrology to discover what isn't always found through the tests commonly used in traditional medicine. Medical astrology also can be used for more basic information, like understanding your metabolic nature, the types of foods that will be helpful or stressful to you, and general areas that need to be monitored in order for you to maintain your optimum health.


Medical astrology uses your chart to determine the best ways for you to stay healthy and achieve a sense of well-being. It also can be used for diagnosis.

In addition to representing a part of the body, each sign is associated with certain glands, and so has particular dietary and vitamin needs associated with it. Certain foods may be very good for you—and others may send you spinning. Capricorn, for example, represents the bones, joints, knees, and teeth, so naturally, a lot of protein and calcium are going to be useful if you were born under this Sun sign.

Like all of astrology, the connections between the signs and parts of the body are part of the science that holds that the entire cosmos is reflected in the human body. As Shakespeare's Hamlet muses, "What a piece of work is man." Remember, too, that all of the zodiac signs—not just the Sun sign you are born under—are represented in your astrological chart, and all have a bearing on a healthy you.

The Signs and Their Associated Parts of the Body


Associated Body Parts


Head and Face


Neck and Throat


Head, Arms, Shoulders, Nervous System, and Lungs


Stomach and Breasts


Back, Spine, and Heart


Intestines, Liver, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, and Bowels


Kidneys, Lower Back, and Adrenal Glands


Genitals, Urinary and Reproductive Organs


Liver, Hips, and Thighs


Bones, Teeth, Joints, and Knees


Ankles and Circulation


Feet, Immune and Hormonal Systems

When we discuss each Sun sign in Chapters 5-8, we'll also discuss what you can do to keep your astrological body parts at their best. Of course, we're not doctors. But if you're in tune with a body/mind approach to health, you'll want to consider looking for a medical doctor (M.D.) who practices integrative medicine—a balance of traditional Western medicine and natural or complementary alternatives, such as massage, meditation, and acupuncture. After all, the human body/mind—the human being—is not a machine, but a universe in microcosm.

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