Goat Tales

How many Capricorns does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, but it has to be her idea.

No sign's public persona is closer to its values than a Goat's, and no sign is more directed toward its goals. Intense and practical, Goats will bide their time, waiting for the right moment to climb that peak, because once they do, they intend to stay there.

Self-control, of both will and emotion, helps Goats achieve their aims. As the cardinal earth sign, Goat is decidedly down to earth in its efforts, and, with its yin energy, a Goat uses the mind rather than physical force to reach its goals.

But Capricorn isn't just any goat; it's a sea-goat, and, as a creature that's half fish, it also can use water's deeper powers to its advantage. Ultimately, though, Goats' goals are always down-to-earth, so, no matter what their means to get there, their ends are always practical and constructive.

Capricorn is society's "elder." Goats are here to accept responsibilities for helping others and building a society that meets the needs of the people. They also want to build something stable and enduring—after all, this sign is ruled by Saturn, also known as Father Time.

Goats are meant to create a balance between responsible nurturing and meeting the responsibilities of being the elders. People don't become elders when they're young, though, so Goats understand the patience required to learn what's important.

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