Goat Rising The Capricorn 0 Ascendant

> Keynote: being responsible for yourself and others

> Training to take care of business—and everything else, too

Rising Goats are learning about what it means to be responsible for not just themselves, but others, too. Part of this "training" is learning the rules, and part is being available to help others, but the tough side is that Rising Goats may begin to believe that they are responsible for all the problems around them (rather like a scapegoat!) and that they must carry the burden for others. Rising Goats would better help themselves by learning how to oversee their territory, as well as learning new ways to create family and community.

Rising Goats may be worriers: They'll worry about what's going wrong in their youth, what can go wrong in their middle age, and about death in their old age. And they can tend to be quiet and reserved, though this often masks an active mind and tremendous willpower.

It's often hard for Rising Goats to show their feelings; their mask of reserve may be doubly thick because Capricorn is a naturally quiet sign. What you'll find on the surface with a Rising Goat is a need for order, a constant checking of the details to make sure everything is going smoothly—and a sometimes obsessive certainty that it's not. It's all part of learning about responsibility.

Rising Goats may remind other, less practical signs that they need to attend to what matters, and so they sometimes seem to be "wet blankets." But underneath all this careful planning, you may find someone who's a whole lot of fun.

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