Fishes in Love

Kind, perceptive, sensitive Fishes look at the inner soul of others, at the essence rather than the surface. Fishes are truly seeking their soulmates, the most profound love possible and so may be disappointed when real people fail to live up to their idealistic expectations.

Fishes in love can create an enchanting place where love happens, a space separate from the rest of the world for Fishes and their loved ones alone. Fishes feel, and they can translate that feeling, too: You'll always know when you're the object of Fishes' affection.

Water, water, water: Of course Fishes will do well with Cancers, Scorpios, and other Pisces. But here's a sign where empathy can go far—if Fishes are careful. More flighty signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may leave Fishes swimming in their wake—or raise them to new heights of awareness. Fishes can do especially well with nurturing earth signs, and earth signs' practicality can also keep Fishes' tendency toward flights of fancy a little more rooted. As in all areas, though, Fishes need to beware of those who would take advantage of them: They're quick to trust, and all too easily hurt.

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Impressionable Fishes can fall for just about any hard-luck story; dreamers themselves, they can easily get caught up in the dreams of others as well. Fishes can tend toward addiction, too, whether in food, alcohol, drugs, or simply the wrong kinds of people. Sometimes, in fact, their lives can seem filled with trouble.

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