Fish Facts

How many Pisces does it take to screw in a light bulb? The light went out?

Mutable water: from solid (ice) to liquid to gas (vapor). This is the character of Pisces, changing according to outside conditions. And yet Fishes live largely in the world of the imagination, the realm of dreams, where objects and events seem to have no connection to outer reality. What's going on here?

This last sign creates the possibility to move beyond self into transcendence, represented to humans as the world of dreams and faith. But this also can be a world of sheer escapism, where dreaming is done for its own sake. Fishes, we could say, can either sink or swim.

Put another way, Fishes know which way the river is running and may swim with it or against it. Swimming against it can mean they may find a way to another stream ("hooked" Fishes can channel their addictions, for example), while swimming with it may mean, quite literally, "going with the flow," and living intuitively.

Fishes are highly intuitive, in fact, and Pisces is the sign that merges with others so easily that these people don't always know what's theirs and what belongs to someone else. Fishes are frequently so sensitive to the vibrations of others that they can go into work and instantly feel how others are doing. Unfortunately, they also may unconsciously take responsibility for how others are doing, or wonder why they feel so bad—especially when they woke up feeling so good!

For this reason, fishes can have a hard time maintaining their boundaries and knowing what they're feeling, as opposed to what others are feeling. The reason for this boundary stuff goes back to the main point of Pisces, which is to merge with others— and eventually the Source or God. Fishes are in a highly spiritual sign, living in a very nonspiritual world. For this reason it's easy for them to get off-track by merging with the wrong people and to get away from their true spiritual focus.

Above all, Fishes are here to give, not just to those like themselves, but to anyone who needs their help, love, attention, or whatever. Have you ever watched The X-Files? Mulder is probably a Pisces, or else he has a strong Neptune! After all, his poster reads: "I want to believe."

True to the Piscean paradox, here's a symbol = with multiple meanings. It represents two fishes tied together; a picture of the human feet, which Pisces rules; or two crescent moons, connected by a straight line—emotion and higher consciousness tied down to the material world. No wonder Fishes so often feel misunderstood and yet have so many possibilities—even their symbol is all-encompassing!

Pisces is associated with baptism, spiritual cleansing, and renewal, and Venus is "exalted" here, which means that the love and beauty she rules are of a universal rather than a personal nature. Fishes are a symbol of divine purity; in fact, the birth of Christ is associated with the beginning of the Age of Pisces.

Compassionate Fishes can see deep into the human psyche, probe the depths of emotions, lend a sympathetic ear, or play an intuitive hunch. But they can also be oh-so-sad, shy, timid, or just plain impractical. Fishes can seem both lazy and overtalkative, the talk seeming to go on and on about any number of unlikely possibilities.

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