First Quarter Moon External Challenges O

During the First Quarter Moon, you'll begin to see a seedling's stem with its first pair of leaves, and it will have started to establish its root system. In the next phase— Gibbous Moon—it will make its first buds. This is the time to make sure that everything continues to go smoothly. Here is where you'll meet your challenges—in the case of that seedling, a late spring frost could threaten it, while in the case of a project, someone in power may question your direction or motive.

During this phase, the Moon is 90 degrees ahead of the Sun, or square to it, so it's a time of challenges and, hence, a good time to seek guidance. A seedling may flounder in the hot sun or strong wind, and you may need to stake it or give it more water. Or that project, gathering its own momentum, may run into the first bureaucratic snafu.

The key during a First Quarter Moon is to know that challenges will appear so that you can anticipate them, prepare, and meet them.

The New Moon is the planted seed, the first of the elemental powers of fertility and nurturing. This Moon represents gestation, the first step toward birth. Aries is the sign associated with this Moon.
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