Energies Two for the Show

Every sign is either direct or indirect, male or female. You'll see the energies called "feminine" and "masculine" in some books, but we prefer to call them yang (direct/masculine) and yin (indirect/feminine), which avoids all that gender-based nonsense. All fire and air signs are yang, while all earth and water signs are yin. Each energy has certain characteristics that, coupled with the qualities and elements, create a unique picture for each sign.

The ancient symbol for the union of yin and yang energies evokes a heavenly sphere of celestial balance.

The Signs and Their Energies



Aries 1

Taurus 2

Gemini 3

Cancer S

Leo 5

Virgo 6

Libra 7

Scorpio 8

Sagittarius 9

Capricorn 0


Pisces =

Yang signs tend toward direct action rather than waiting for things to come to them, like the bee that pollinates the flower. Yang represents the outgoing, the positive electrical charge, an external orientation, and the direct, "male" side of things.

Yin represents the indirect forces and actions, those that understand what is needed to attract and create the desired outcome, like the flower that blooms in order to attract the bee. Yin is also called the receptive, the negative electrical charge, an internal orientation, and the "female" side of things.

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