Crabs RRising The Cancer 4 Ascendant

> Keynote: learning responsible love and nurturing

> Training for family foundations

Rising Crabs are talkative, especially about feelings, but also are moody and changeable, because their ruler, the Moon, changes signs every few days. Rising Crabs also are compassionate and receptive. They know what's happening with everyone around them, because they're sensitive to others. Family and traditions are important to them. But they can be crabby and irritable at times, too!

Rising Crabs are learning about the nature of family, home, and roots, as well as how to love and nurture so that their children will have a safe foundation and a concern for the welfare of generations to come. They also are learning how to responsibly nurture, love, and support their offspring or creative projects until they reach maturity—this is a "training" that teaches them how to redefine "family," while providing support and nurturing in an appropriate way.

Rising Crabs may be indirect in their approach to things and may be quick to take things personally. Above all, they seem to react to all things emotionally—feeling rather than thinking. In the case of Crab Rising, there are two shells: the ascendant mask and the Crab shell itself!

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