Crabs in Love

No one sends more confusing messages than a Crab; just when you think they might be interested, off they go into their shells! Crabs are so afraid of being hurt that they may never let you know they're interested, but on the other hand, if they decide they've got a chance with you, look out! Crabs can hang on very tightly.

Crabs who didn't feel coddled as children may seem cold and distant as adults. But in their indirect Crab way, they're really dying for attention. Crabs have a natural fear of revealing themselves—those soft insides are very vulnerable—so they're never going to approach you directly. You know those conversations that go, "What's the matter?" "Nothing"? Chances are they're with a Crab!

This is the symbol for Cancer, the Crab:

Water signs—other Cancers, Scorpios, or Pisces— understand things the same way Crabs do, and Pisces in particular may inspire Crabs to use their intuition. But Crabs are good with earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and their opposite, Capricorn—keeping them watered and fertile. Gemini can be fun, but may feel smothered, and Leo may love the attention, but not return it.

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