Crabs at Home

Crabs' homes are their safe havens—even if they do carry their houses on their backs! It may be the pillows tossed about for comfort, or it could be those good smells coming from the kitchen, but you'll always feel like a Crab's home is a place where you can relax and unwind.

Within that cozy home, though, there's a place that's Crab's alone. It may just be a corner on a couch, but in that corner will be Crab's favorite book or blanket, and maybe a picture or two. Chances are Crab's dog or cat will snuggle up there, too, whether or not Crab's there at the moment. But rest assured there will be a dog or cat, or maybe more than one. Crabs nurture any creature that comes their way.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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