Cosmic Investments and Money Management

Did you ever think that what you do with your money reveals a great deal about how you feel about yourself? In some signs, people may equate themselves with what they own, while others may see money as a means to an end. You may be Scrooge,

Rockefeller, or Mother Teresa. As with all astrological possibilities, remember that there's nothing wrong with your personal style; for those who truly feel their home reflects themselves, it does, just as there are people who simply don't worry about money at all.

The natives of each sign handle their money in different ways: Cancers, for example, tend to hoard their cash, saving it for an unspecified rainy day; while Sagittarians may spend it freely, enjoying what's happening right this very minute.

But there are other factors at play in cosmic investment, too, and this is where financial astrology comes into play. Financial astrologers study the cycles of planets to determine the best available investment strategies. And they study the cycles of companies, too—so they'll know which ones are on their way up and which ones aren't. Does your mutual fund have a financial astrologer on the board?

Companies have charts just like people, based on when they were incorporated or started. When these companies have certain positive astrological connections, then their stock goes up. Financial astrologers specialize in investments and the financial markets; many of them put out newsletters to help their clients become successful in the markets. (Let's get a subscription for Allen Greenspan.)

Astrology also can help determine if you're under good or challenging cycles for financial investments. If you're investing during periods when your financial cycles are challenging, there's a greater likelihood you're going to lose money, or, at best, not make any.


J. Pierpont Morgan, a very wealthy American financier at the turn of the century, used astrology for business timing purposes. He financed such companies as U.S. Steel Corporation and the Great Northern & Pacific Railroad, as well as other ventures—like the Boer War in South Africa. His use of astrology for business investments made him a billionaire, back in the early part of this century when even a million dollars was a vast fortune.


Financial astrology studies how and when you can best invest your money, as well as the best way for you to manage your finances.

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