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Three times each year for three and a half weeks, the universe believes we need a period of time to catch up. Now most of us, if we stopped to consider this idea seriously, would realize that we need to stop and catch our breath periodically. We really do need to find all the things that slipped through the cracks, get some things redone correctly, clean up, and correct all the wrong assumptions we made earlier. This is the essence of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is another important business planet, because it's associated with communications, travel, computers, and all forms of transportation. When it's moving forward and making beneficial aspects to other planets, we're doing well in all these areas.

There are times when Mercury runs into challenging aspects with other planets, but as long as it's moving forward, these times are generally resolved fairly quickly when Mercury gets to a good aspect again. Because Mercury is very speedy (it's the messenger after all), this usually doesn't take too long.

But when Mercury slows down and seems to stop then "turn around and move backward," this is our cue to do the same. Since Mercury is associated with thinking, analysis, and communications, we're being asked to rethink, replan, reconsider, re-communicate, and redo whatever fell through the cracks. If only we humans would schedule catch-up time, our experience of this period would be a lot better!

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