Bull Rising The Taurus 2 Ascendant

> Keynote: seeking identity through substance

> Training for aesthetic appreciation

Rising Bulls seem placid and easygoing, have charming manners, and never impose their opinions on others. They don't want to upset the applecart: They like it the way it is, full of apples!

You could think of Bull Rising as a "training" to learn about beauty: Rising Bulls' lesson is to understand the nature of physical experience, aesthetics, and the nature of intimacy. As shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamarro says, the enlightened path for


Like those with a Taurean Sun sign, Rising Bulls need to remember to love things for their own sake rather than for what they may represent. For Rising Bulls, possessions are merely a mask.

one with this training "is the Garden of Eden, to bring spirit into matter all the way, so one can totally enjoy it." This training helps Bulls learn to be fully present in life and increase their life force energy.

Bull ascendants seek their identity through substance, whether it be possessions, connections, or creation. Rising Bulls always seek to "keep a handle" on things, but their love of food, drink, and yes, sex, can make them momentarily forget that stability is their main pull.

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