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Now that you understand how your chart unfolds with progressions and transits, you can see how astrology can be used to look ahead into your life.

It's always a good idea to check out your progressions and transits regularly—and it's also good to know three to five years in advance what's coming down the pike in the way of major changes. You can anticipate and plan for everything, from job or career changes to financial difficulties, having children, or even relocating. Looking ahead gives you the room to plan what responses you might choose and to accept responsibility for what the changes end up being.

Relationship issues may come up, too. If you know a troubling time is approaching, you can understand what the likely issues are and learn appropriate ways to handle and deal with them. Then when it actually arrives, it's not a cataclysmic period, but one of growth and understanding of how you and your relationships are changing. We'll be looking at this more closely in the next chapter.

Astrology can be used as a compass because you can see not only the kinds of events or changes that are going to unfold, but also how you're evolving and growing during your life. Knowing that gives you a road map for your life and a more conscious approach for dealing with it. After all, wouldn't you rather know where you're headed on your life's journey than move ahead blindly?

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