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Once you realize the connection between you and the rest of the world, you also realize that astrology is everywhere. First of all, it's about you—and about everyone else. It's about your relationships, and health, and jobs, and money—and it's about why you (and everyone else) behave the way you do. In addition, astrology is about your evolutionary purpose and what your soul came to learn and experience.

Astrology is also about the sky; in fact, some astrologers call the study of natal astrology "the inner sky." When you stand outside at night, beneath a sky filled with stars, planets, comets, and meteorites (and satellites and airplanes and maybe a UFO or two), you're reliving the human-sky connection where astrology began.

Five thousand years ago, Egyptian astrologers saw a comet in the sky, and soon after, the building of the pyramids was begun. When that comet returned to Earth's view recently, we named it Hale-Bopp. Yes—the same comet that helped inspire the pyramids was the one you saw back in the spring of 1997. Small world, isn't it?

Astrology connects you with everything. Remember Sunday School, where you learned that "God is in everything"? Remember those physicists, discussing the inner order and the outer order? Both of those concepts are about the same thing—that astrology goes beyond the stars, to the place of each individual in the universe, and the place of the universe in each individual.

We don't yet know for certain what's "out there" beyond the stars, but just the fact that our imaginations take us there again and again should be enough evidence that we are connected with whatever may be there. Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Man, or Stargate—perhaps we intuitively know more than we realize.

When Sigmund Freud first unveiled his theories of the unconscious, they were called revolutionary—by everyone except astrologers, that is. Astrologers had been studying the effects of the hidden self on the visible self for thousands of years; they just didn't call it the unconscious.


Just as therapy may reveal your childhood, your dreams, and your hidden hostilities, astrology can reveal things about yourself you may not be aware of. By looking at your birth chart, you could discover that you have a tendency toward secretiveness and why, or what the placement of Saturn or Pluto in your chart reveals about your power struggles with your father and other authority figures.

Astrologically speaking, your unconscious is not really hidden. Rather, you might say, it is "written." All you have to do is "read" what's there.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Relationship astrology reveals who you get along with and who you don't. ^ Vocational astrology helps you find the right job or path. ^ Medical astrology connects your birth chart to your health. ^ Financial astrology helps you manage your money.

^ Relocation astrology explores where you live and its relationship to your behavior.

^ Astrology is everywhere and connects you with everything.

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