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Shamanism is an ancient practice of using intuition to heal, and Chiron A, an asteroid located between Saturn and Uranus that follows the same orbital plane as the planets, is named after a mythical centaur who was a gifted warrior, teacher, and shamanic healer.

Astrologically, the asteroid Chiron is considered to be a symbolic shaman and wounded healer, and many astrologers study Chiron's cycles to note both universal and personal healing patterns. Chiron's cycles with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are of particular interest because, as you'll recall from Chapter 22, "Using Astrology to Map Your Life," these are slower-moving planets and so form aspects with longer and stronger impacts.

When astrologers look at Chiron cycles, they're using an ancient art with a modern twist. The asteroid Chiron is a recent discovery, and adding it to the astrological dance provides new insight into global affairs. Each Chiron cycle with an outer planet invites us to make symbolic shifts of consciousness.

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