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Some physicists now believe that astrology shows the order underneath what we see on the surface. This theory is based on physicist David Bohm's work (Bohm was one of Einstein's right-hand men). Basically, Bohm explains how energy, matter, and meaning are enfolded together, and he has written formulas that support this, kind of like E=mc2. Bohm's theory explains how inner and outer reality are interwoven, or, as physicist Will Keepin puts it, "The nature of reality is a single undivided wholeness." In other words, we are all part of something, and, like DNA, we each contain the pattern of that something as well.

Keepin explains that for each point in space-time, a unique astrological chart exists. Or, to put it another way, when astrologers define an astrological chart, they need a specific point in space plus a specific point in timeā€”and that point is you! You don't get much more scientific than that!

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The Art Of Astrology

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