Your ascendant is your rising sign, the sign that was rising over the horizon at the moment of your birth. Your rising sign represents the "you" that the outside world perceives, as well as personality traits and needs, and your physical characteristics.


You shouldn't think of your ascendant as an "excuse"; just because you've got Aries rising, for example, doesn't give you a reason to run over everyone in your path. Your ascendant represents a "specialty" training you're here to take, and the sooner you master it, the easier life will be for you.

Each of the 12 signs rises over the horizon during a 24-hour period, so in rough terms, each ascendant rises over the horizon for two hours (more or less, depending on how quickly a particular sign rises) every day. In addition, whichever sign the Sun is in will be the sign rising at sunrise that day. In the early spring, for example, Aries is rising at sunrise, while at sunrise in the middle of summer, Leo is rising. This means that if you were born at sunrise, both your Sun and ascendant would be in the same sign—and so others would see you behaving like your Sun sign. Or, to put it another way, rather than wearing a different mask, you'd behave like your Sun sign.

We'd like to add another dimension to your consideration of your ascendant, too: Think of it as "training" for the person you are becoming. In other words, your rising sign indicates the skills and traits you're learning to develop during your lifetime. If you're born with a Scorpio ascendant, for example, much of what you do may be connected with learning about control, both self-control and a need to control others.

Your ascendant also may also be revealed in the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, or any of the other ways you "show" yourself to the world. Your ascendant is as much a part of you as your Sun sign—but it's often more obvious to others.

In Chapter 9, "Ascendants: The Mask You Wear for the World," we'll show you a simple way to find your ascendant. Then we'll explore what the "mask" of your ascendant reveals about you.

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