Archer Rising The Sagittarius 9 Ascendant

> Keynote: seeking adventure, new horizons, and spiritual growth

> Training "to boldly go where no one has gone before"

The world of Rising Archers is filled with possibilities, and these people are unusually optimistic. Rising Archers are explorers—they need to see new territory— so goals and challenges are very important to them.

Rising Archers often have long thin faces, with high foreheads, rather like horses, in fact, and they may shake their heads, just as horses toss their manes. Rising Archers tend to hide their problems and troubles behind humor, and they don't want others to be worried about them. Part of this is because they can't stand to worry about themselves, so they don't want others to do so either.

With Jupiter as the ruler of their ascendant, Rising Archers are often jovial, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, and optimistic, seeking always to find the truth, and they will approach the world as if it's their own oyster, filled with possibilities. Rising Archers are like trainees on a Star Fleet spaceship, learning "to boldly go where no one has gone before." They are learning about the meaning of life and expanding their inner selves to the furthest horizons possible. Adventure and spiritual growth go hand in hand with Archer Rising.

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