Sample Chart Interpreted or Lets Be Voyeurs

And now, back by popular demand, here's Steven Spielberg's chart yet again. You may notice a difference, and if so, good for you. This time, we've put in the aspects.

First, note that, using the formula above, Spielberg's in a reaping lifetime. In fact, he's a great example of that type of life, and, as a young director, he was taken under an older, wiser director's wing, a major opportunity for him. Next, let's look at some of the aspects in Spielberg's chart and apply them to what we've just learned so that we can see what else we can discover about him.

Spielberg's chart has lots of trines—eight, to be exact. Trines can be charms for the easy life—too easy, in fact, but this preponderance is set off by the eight squares that are also formed by Spielberg's planets. Squares, remember, are challenging, so they provide dynamic action as well.

Steven Spielberg's birth chart, with aspects.

No planet forms more aspects on Spielberg's chart, though, than Pluto, which appears at 13507R in his second house. Pluto squares Spielberg's fifth-house Moon, Venus, and Jupiter (all in Scorpio), trines his sixth-house Mercury and South Node (in Sagittarius), is conjunct to his second-house Saturn, and is sextile to his fourth-house Neptune (in Libra). All these aspects to Pluto show how important power, regeneration, and transformation are to Spielberg's life. He'll also have an intensity about him that few others can match. Life is serious and important to him, not just a time to have fun.

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