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Houses reveal where in our lives we have lessons to learn. If, for example, you seem to have a pattern of picking the wrong type of friend or lover, you probably have a lesson related to your Seventh House that you haven't quite mastered yet. Or, if every time it seems you've finally settled down "for good," you suddenly up and move again, maybe you haven't quite resolved a home issue that would make your Fourth House feel comfortable or stable.

Your First House is also called your ascendant house, so it is where we find the you that the world sees: your personality and your physical self. In addition, each house, just like each sign, also has a quality.

The First House, for example, also is one of four angular houses (which correlate to the cardinal signs). The angular houses represent your strongest influences: The First House is your "identity project"; the Fourth House, your "foundation or home project"; the Seventh House, your "relationship project"; and the Tenth House your "social role or career project."


Angular Houses


First House


physical self and personality


Fourth House


home and the foundation of your life


Seventh House


primary relationships


Tenth House


reputation and career

The second set of houses, called the succedent houses, corresponds to the natural fixed signs and represents the areas of your life concerned with resources: what you own, how you earn money, your creative capabilities, your shared resources, and the friends and groups that help you achieve your goals.

The Succedent Houses The Second House

The Fifth House

The Eighth House

The Eleventh House

Your possessions, self-esteem, and earning abilities

Your creativity, children, risk-taking, romance

Your shared resources, taxes, insurance, intimate relationships, transformation

The groups you work with to achieve your goals and desires


The angular houses are houses with the potential for dynamic action. The First, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth Houses are angular. They correspond to the natural cardinal signs, which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


The succedent houses, which correspond to the natural fixed signs, are houses that give us stability and purpose. They're the Second, Fifth, Eighth, and Eleventh Houses.

The last set of houses corresponds to the mutable signs; these are called the cadent houses. These houses are concerned with your human relationships and transitions; notice how each of these houses encompasses a much wider scope of activities than the angular and succedent houses do.

The Cadent Houses

The Third House Your knowledge, short trips, siblings, local environment, and neighbors

The Sixth House Your daily responsibilities, health, service to others, and co-workers

The Ninth House

Your social areas: higher education, philosophy, religion, law, travel, foreign concerns

The Twelfth House Your subconscious, the unknown

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