Harder Row to Hoe Sun Saturn Aspects

Strict Saturn gives just about everybody a hard time. The Sun is about creativity, a person's vitality, and his or her sense of self, while Saturn is about structure, limitations, losses, or responsibilities, and there's no exception here.

Saturn is the slower planet, so it's the one in charge here. People with this combination may find it hard to enjoy life, or may end up censoring themselves, even when Saturn and the Sun are in good aspect to each other. There may be problems with authority figures or the father, especially when the two planets are in challenging aspects to each other. Even in its more favorable aspects, Sun/Saturn aspects make for a no-nonsense, hardworking relationship.

Sun Conjunct Saturn © A &

People with this aspect will have material success because they are hardworking and single-minded. A Sun-Saturn conjunction means these people take their lives very seriously and learn from their experiences—but they should also learn to find some easy-going friends to offset the demands they make on themselves.

This aspect means a long, well-ordered, successful life, and these people will joyfully accept all duties and responsibilities that come their way. Working together, the Sun and Saturn lead to good common sense and solid self-confidence.

There's a major challenge at work here, and these people have to work very hard to achieve what they desire. There can be a feeling of underachievement, or internal insecurity, and these people want to make certain that they hang on to any position they have.

Success with this aspect comes through one's own efforts and powers of concentration, and these people not only grow easily but prosper as well. Accepting responsibility comes naturally to people with this aspect, and so they may be managers or supervisors.

Sun Opposition Saturn © K &

This challenging aspect can actually cause people to fight against themselves, or refuse to accept the obstacles in front of them. The lesson with this aspect is to learn to work with limits and conform to structures and limitations—a hard thing for a strong Sun to do.

Sun Quincunx Saturn 0A&

People with this quincunx often have authority issues and can become self-righteous if challenged. They may let others take advantage of them, or simply ignore others' wishes. The lesson for people with this aspect is to learn to relax, and to learn to live and work constructively with other people.

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