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The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred at 23 degrees of Taurus on May 28, 2000. This is the last conjunction to take place in the earth sign cycle that began in 1802. The other recent conjunctions in Taurus were in 1881 and in 1940-41. The key challenge of this conjunction is to both expand and stabilize with respect to the right use of personal and social resources.

> The three fire signs are invited to ground their fiery natures. Aries 1 Sun signs need to slow down, get rooted, and claim ownership of their life. Leo 5 Sun signs need to recognize their own authority and ability to maturely administrate their lives. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to focus on personal health and self-care in a consistent and supportive way.

> The three earth signs are challenged to loosen up and invest in their own creative and enthusiastic sides. Taurus 2 Sun signs need to assess where their possessions and resources are truly reflective of their individual natures. Virgo 6 Sun signs need to consider their personal truths and philosophy about money and resources. Capricorn 0 Sun signs need to invest resources in their own creative and self-expressive sides.

> The three air signs are invited to make changes in their relationships to reflect their emotional needs. Gemini 3 Sun signs need to address the emotional overwhelming caused by doing too many things with too many people at one time. Libra 7 Sun signs are challenged to become more intimate and committed in their relationships. Aquarius — Sun signs need to confront their fear of losing personal freedom if they say yes to settling down and growing roots.

> The three water signs are challenged to get a more dispassionate perspective on their emotional lives. Cancer S Sun signs need to explore new communities and friendships that support their value systems. Scorpio 8 Sun signs need to embrace fairness and equality in relationships to balance out their tendency to dive in with both feet. Pisces = Sun signs need to explore alternative ways to communicate their intuitive and sensitive natures.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Natal Chart

May 38 2000 11:05AM EDT +4:00 Washington DC 30N54 077W02 Geocentric TropicaI Placidus True Node

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