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Magi Astrology's greatest value is that it helps us harness the power of the planets and use them to maximize our chances of fulfilling our dreams.

We can make use of the Theory of Natalization to utilize the power of the stars to our advantage in both affairs of love and money. For example, we can choose an especially favorable astrological day to get married or start a job or business. By doing so, we preserve and retain the power of the favorable Planetary Geometry in our marriage, job, or business.

There is a twist to this that is important to understand. Sometimes, one very important action that is natalized overrules another less important action that was natalized.

For example, if two persons make love before getting married, the birth chart of the wedding overrules the earlier chart of the first time they made love. The chart of the first time two persons make love is referred to as their LOVEMAKING CHART, or LOVE CHART. The Love Chart will rule their relationship until this chart is overridden by a Wedding Chart, and then the wedding chart takes precedence. If the two persons never get married, but they've made love, then their Love Chart is the primary chart that rules their relationship. If two people never make love, the chart of their relationship is based on the moment they first see each other. This is the COMPANIONSHIP CHART.

If two people have never met, then the chart of their relationship would be that of the first time they spoke on the phone or corresponded, even by mail or e-mail. We call this the Distant Relationship Chart. However, once they meet, the Distant Relationship Chart is superseded by the chart of their first meeting, which then becomes their Companionship Chart.

Nothing supersedes the Marriage Chart unless there is a divorce; then the Love Chart is back in force, and the chart of the wedding is dissolved. Once a marriage is dissolved through a divorce, the Marriage Chart can never be revived. If the same two persons get married again, they have a new Marriage Chart, which has the Planetary Geometry of the day of their second wedding.

The most useful part of all of astrology is to be able to harness the power of the planets and improve our chances of fulfilling our dreams by choosing the best times to natalize a crucial activity. Very often, the success of an individual is the result of the power of that person's Marriage Chart, or the chart of the day the person began a job or business. Later in this book, you will learn how to maximize your chances of happiness and success by choosing the best times to natalize something very important.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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