Why Has Astrology Survived Over 4000 Years


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The Babylonians' theory of why planetary aspects worked was all just superstition because they incorrectly thought that the planets were gods. But the Rule of Combining Symbolisms is quite useful. We did not know the reasons why this rule worked 4,000 years ago; and we still do not know why. But the rule works, which is why astrology has survived for so long.

The ancient Babylonians were unaware of Magi Astrology, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron; and they were wrong about the planets being gods. Yet their astrology has survived the Mongols, the Crusades, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the age of science. Babylonian astrology has survived persecution by the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church, the ban by communism, and the ridicule of modern science. It has even survived the attack by the intellectuals and the established educational institutions.

The astrology of the Babylonians survived because it works. This does not mean that all of Babylonian astrology works. They had many erroneous ideas that we won't discuss in this book. But the Babylonian Rule of Combining Symbolisms to Interpret planetary aspects was, on the whole, quite valid - and some of the symbolisms or rulerships that they ascribed to the planets are still useful tools even now. The main reason is that the Babylonians were actually the first to devise and implement empirical methodology, which is the basis of modem science.

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