What Creates Our Second Birth Chart

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Astronomers refer to the horizontal locations of the planets as the LONGITUDES, and the vertical positions of the planets as the DECLINATIONS. Astrology has adapted the same terminology. In traditional astrology, the longitudes are used to create the circle of the birth charts. These charts include all horoscope charts and Babylonian-style alignment charts. It is the horizontal positions of the planets (the longitudes) that are drawn around the circumference of the circle.

In Magi Astrology, we use the declinations to create our second birth chart. To help us to distinguish between the two different types of birth charts, we will refer to all horizontal position birth charts as ZODIAC SiGn CHARTS (standard Horoscope type of charts); the vertical-position chart is called the DECLINATIONS CHART.

We all have two astrological charts. We all have both the Zodiac Sign Chart and also the Declination Chart. This is good news for all of us because we all have a chance for more planetary aspects and more special abilities. It also gives us a whole new chance to form Romantic Super Linkages with someone. This is one reason why you should finish this book before making any drastic decisions about your relationships. In our first book, the Magi Society unequivocally proved that astrology does really work, and we were able to do so only because we used both the vertical and the horizontal positions of the planets. Our book proved that the vertical positions of the planets are just as important as the horizontal ones when it comes to astrological influences. Therefore, we all have two birth charts. Until we published Astrology Really Works!, most astrologers did not include an analysis of the Declinations Chart when making astrological interpretations. But since the publication of that book, many astrological organizations and magazines are now recommending the use of declinational interpretations to their members and readers.

We all have an entire second astrological chart. It is the Declinations Chart, and it has most of the facets of the Zodiac Sign Chart. In other words, the Declinations Charts have planetary aspects, Planetary Geometry, planetary synchronizations, linkages, Super Linkages, and Romantic Super Linkages. Interestingly enough, it is the Declinations Chart that is more likely to tell us about the sexual nature of any relationship we have. That's why we haven't yet talked much about sex, sexual attraction, and compatibility. We needed this extra tool to understand these issues.

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