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Scientists have been regularly announcing supposed startling discoveries. They think that they've found traces of water on other planets and some of their moons as well. To such scientists, the implication is always that there is a chance that life existed in these places, and therefore, we on Earth are not so unusual and certainly not unique.

The Magi Society is always amazed by the brilliance of scientists in some areas, and even more amazed at the lack of brilliance among these same scientists in other areas.

Since when is a trace of water a sign that we are not unique? The requirement for intelligent life to exist is not traces of water-but water, water everywhere-huge amounts of drinkable water.

The only way to get drinkable water is the way we get it on Earth- through the cycle of evaporation and rain. It so happens that the amount of water on Earth is enormous enough, and the temperature and atmospheric pressure of Earth is favorable enough, so that contaminated water is constantly being purified through the process of evaporation, condensation into clouds, and then the return to Earth as pure and drinkable rain. We call this the RAIN CYCLE. Without this cycle, even the most primitive and basic life forms could not have possibly developed. We believe that this Rain Cycle is so unique to Earth and so efficient at providing us with life-sustaining drinkable water that it is also some kind of celestial sign. It is a sign of God's presence, and of his love and Benevolent Design.

So the next time you read or hear that scientists have found traces of water someplace not on Earth, and they think there is life because of this, call and ask them how much water is needed to have enough for a Rain Cycle. There is a need for water, water everywhere, or there is no chance for life like ours. If the Earth were flat, the water on this world would cover the entire surface of Earth and would be about a mile high. That is how much water is needed for real life. Earth is truly unique. That is because Earth was uniquely designed by Providence-and so is astrology. So if you look at your astrological chart and think you have been short-changed, it is not the case. Everyone has been given gifts, and all of our aspects are gifts. We just need to work hard to harness them.

Incidentally, one day, probably not too long from now, some scientists will be sure to claim that they have "created" life forms with some gases, other chemicals, maybe some electrical charges, and certainly with a little water. But would that make Earth less unique? We don't think so. Especially when you take into consideration other conditions, such as the fact there is just enough salt in the oceans to prevent bacteria from infesting them, but not too much salt to prevent fish from flourishing. Also, the oxygen content of the air on Earth is just enough so that humankind could make use of fire, but there is not too much oxygen that fire would be uncontrollable. Everything on Earth seems to have been designed with a perfect balance that favors life-everything-from the trees that bear fruit, to the minerals and the supply of oil, to the vast oceans filled with seafood and the lands filled with animals that humankind has made use of.

Lately, even in the scientific community there has been much talk about how perfectly balanced the entire universe is, and that this must all mean that there is a Designer. So much so that Newsweek devoted a cover article to this subject (July 20, 1998). "Physicists have stumbled on signs that the cosmos is custom-made for life and consciousness. It turns out that if the constants of nature-unchanging numbers like the strength of gravity, the charge of an electron and the mass of a proton-were the tiniest bit different, then atoms would not hold together, stars would not burn and life would never had made an appearance." To say nothing about the Rain Cycle, et cetera.

Figure 5C : General Electric Incorporated 4/15/1392

Figure 5H : Jacqueline Bouvier's engagement to John Husted, Jr. announced 1/21/1952

Figure 5J: Solar eclipse of *5> tC

8/21/1998 — a sign of worldwide financial turmoil

Figure 5J: Solar eclipse of *5> tC

8/21/1998 — a sign of worldwide financial turmoil


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