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If all Planetary Geometry were helpful, then the world would not have earthquakes. However, we all should have suspected from the charts of the two San Francisco earthquakes that the T-square is not a beneficial form of Planetary Geometry - and it is not. In fact, whenever any three planets form a T-square, and whenever any four planets form a Grand Cross, the planets are in an alignment that creates problems, and they do not act harmoniously or cooperatively together. For this reason, such geometry needs to be interpreted differently from the other shapes.

This is very consistent with the ancient rules of Babylonian astrology. Thousands of years ago, the Babylonian astrologers believed that some of the seven angles that form aspects were bad, and some were good. They had made the decision that the aspects made by the angles of the conjunction and trine were the most helpful and favorable aspects; and they judged the aspects made by squares and oppositions to be unfavorable aspects. They also were wary of the quincunx or semi-sextile. But they thought the sextile was the equivalent of a weak trine-favorable, but not as strong.

Although the system that the Babylonians used, which divided aspects into good or bad aspects, has some value, it was never able to be developed into a working interpretive tool. Magi Astrology has developed a much more sophisticated system, and we believe we have a more valid system of interpreting different angles of aspects. We will explain the details of our system later in this book. But for now, we wish to explain how to understand the impact of the T-square and Grand Cross (a Grand Cross is really two T-squares). We want to be able to refer to these two shapes collectively, so we have given them the names of TURBULENT GEOMETRY, TURBULENT SHAPES, or TURBULENT PATTERNS.

For thousands of years, astrologers, to their credit, have correctly emphasized that these two shapes in the sky are important celestial signs of danger and/or problems. The Magi Society has formulated a method of accurately predicting the influence of Turbulent Geometry. We use a concept we call negatization Let us illustrate what we mean by negatization with a few examples.

A Turbulent Shape existed on both days of the San Francisco earthquakes; the same shape was also present on the day that the engagement of Jacqueline Bouvier to John Husted, Jr. was announced. The shape was a T-square, and the one that existed on the announcement date was formed by an opposition of Mercury to Uranus with Jupiter in square to both Mercury and Uranus. Our normal system of prediction would be to combine the symbolisms of these three planets and come up with an interpretation something like a successful (Jupiter) public (Uranus) announcement (Mercury). But because the shape formed by these three planets is a T-square, we negatize the symbolisms of Jupiter. The result is an interpretation of an unsuccessful (the negatization of the normal symbolisms of Jupiter) public (Uranus) announcement (Mercury). Or. it could mean an unfortunate public announcement or an ill-fated public announcement. Obviously, since the engagement was definitively broken off in just a few months, the sign that the stars gave was correct when interpreted in this way, with the negatization.

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