Turbulent Patterns During an Eclipse

As another example of how we judge the meaning of a turbulent pattern, please take a look at the chart of the lunar eclipse of August 6, 1990 (Figure 5i), which is at the end of this chapter. It should be obvious that there was a Grand Cross at that time, and it was comprised of the Sun, Pluto, Mars, and Moon. This was the eclipse that warned astrologers about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the financial turmoil that immediately followed. You probably recall that oil prices went through the roof, and stock prices fell to the basement. It was an unbelievably accurate sign, and some astrologers did predict the meaning.

Many astrologers believe that the alignment of the planets (especially eclipses) directly impacts our lives. But the Magi Society believes that astrological alignments are celestial signs to guide us as to what is most likely to come to pass. This makes more sense, because the eclipse occurred a few days after Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2. If the eclipse were the actual cause, the eclipse would more logically occur before or during the attack. In any case, the sign that the eclipse gave us was remarkably precise. Using the rules of Magi Astrology, the Grand Cross meant that this was a period of time

(Sun) of fanatical (Moon) war (Mars) to attain power (Pluto). The fact that the shape was a Turbulent Shape means we add the negatization. So we add the word unsuccessful or unfortunate or ill fated, and so on.

When we look back at the Grand Trine of the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we realize why the attack was so successful. It was a Grand Trine, and not a turbulent geometric shape. The same is true of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Grand Trines tend to be a sign of successful and powerful undertakings, even if it is war. Grand Crosses and T-squares tend to be a sign of problems that may result from a tragedy or a war, or unsuccessful attempts at waging war.

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