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During the last three decades, the most popular branch of astrology has been SUN-SIGN ASTROLOGY. This is the astrology that focuses on what your Sun Sign is; it is the astrology most popularly used in the astrology columns of magazines and newspapers. Most people believe that Sun-Sign Astrology is all there is to astrology, but it Is actually only one small part of traditional astrology. The entirety of astrology is vast in scope and broad in approaches and techniques. Magi Astrology employs the best of these methodologies and adds its own unique precepts. The result is an astrology that goes far beyond normal expectations.

For example, one great advantage of Magi Astrology is that it solves the riddle of Sun-Sign characteristics. Most people are aware of traditional astrology's inclination to assign characteristics and personality traits to various Sun Signs. Although there is some merit to this approach, the problem has been that some of the traits Sun-Sign astrologers attribute to a particular sign are inconsistent. For example, a Virgo can be analytical, neat, and meticulous; or a Virgo can be overly critical and picayune. How can you tell which traits a particular Virgo will have? Traditional astrology has left this problem unsolved. But Magi Astrology will show you how to determine if a person will most likely possess the positive traits of a person's Sun Sign as opposed to the negative characteristics of the Sun Sign, and how to use this knowledge to help you in all matters of love and money.

Unless you have read the Magi Society's other books, you will find the techniques of Magi Astrology to be new to you - because they are new - and unique. But they are also simple, reliable, time-tested, powerful, and scientific. And they are easy to understand; you will readily master them once you study the numerous examples in this book. We are confident that:

By the end of this book, you will find that your ability to understand and cope with love and money issues will have dramatically improved.

Through this book, you can enter the magical world of Magi Astrology and learn how to harness the power of the stars and use them to maximize your chances of fulfilling your dreams. The New Age is being born, and all of us at the Magi Society believe that Magi Astrology is an important catalyst to its birth.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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