There Are Disadvantages in Using Only Horoscope Charts

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A horoscope chart is the type of astrological chart that is used today in virtually all astrology magazines and books. It still has the Babylonian circle with its 12 parts. But the 12 parts represent HOUSES and are usually not equally divided into 30-degree segments. The major problem with such charts is that you cannot look at them and easily pick out a symmetrical pattern of planets. You cannot easily visualize the important alignments and Planetary Geometry made by the planets, the way you can with a Babylonian Alignment Chart.

It was the Babylonians themselves who also designed the original horoscope charts. They were meant to be used in addition to the alignment style of charts, but they are not as useful as the original alignment charts.

To master the contents of this book, it is not necessary to understand what horoscope charts are. For those of you who want an example of one, please look at Figure 3K at the end of this chapter. We have provided you with a horoscope chart of the invasion of Poland by Hitler's armies on September 1, 1939. Please compare the horoscope style of birth chart to the Babylonian Alignment Chart for the same date. Notice that in the horoscope chart, you cannot easily see that there was a grand trine on that date. In fact, it is even difficult to determine where the positions of the planets are in horoscope charts because each of the 12 houses is represented as being the same size, even though each house has a different number of degrees. This means that the relative proportional distances between the planets is not easily discernible. In a horoscope chart, the planets are not placed in the positions that they actually were in the sky, but are placed according to their house positions. Nonetheless, astrology magazines use horoscope charts all the time.

We think there is a use for horoscope charts, but only when they are displayed side by side with a chart similar to the Babylonian Alignment Charts. By itself, a horoscope chart makes it easy to miss the crucial Planetary Geometry. Besides, certain popular styles of horoscope charts give some people headaches because they actually reverse the numbers that indicate the degrees of the planets. That's right in some such charts, the astrologers actually reverse the numbers that indicate the degrees of the planets because the numbers are written along the radii of the circle. Confused? So are most people. But don't worry, we don't use them in our books, and you do not need to understand them to master Magi Astrology.

The Babylonian Alignment Charts were designed so that you cannot help but notice the most important Planetary Geometry of the planets. But unfortunately for astrology and the world, these charts have not been used by the majority of astrologers for a very, very long time. The Magi Society regards their disuse as a major setback for astrology and one of the main reasons astrology is not more widely accepted than it is. If astrologers had kept the faith and continued the prevalent use of Babylonian-style alignment charts, then certainly when the new planets were discovered, the whole world would understand the importance of Planetary Geometry, and know that astrology really works.

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