Theory of Natalization

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Astrologers have never given a name to their theory that when a person engages in a distinct type of activity for the first time, the birth chart of that time becomes the birth chart for that person's actions for that type of activity. It is useful for astrology to have a name for this theory. We will call it NATALIZATION, because the action taken has a birth, and therefore is born, or NATALIZED. Both words are new to the English language, but they are necessary for the growth and understanding of astrology and its theories. Since scientists ascribe a name and term to all of their concepts, it's only fitting that astrologers do the same.

Natalization occurs whenever anyone engages in any type of activity for the very first time. For example, when Michael Jordan first touched a basketball, that moment in time became the birth chart of Michael Jordan as a basketball player-for his entire life. Similarly, when two people make love for the first time, the birth chart of that time is the birth chart of their love making relationship.

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