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The reason Magi Astrology regards a Sun-Jupiter enhancement as signifying a day of peace is because we interpret enhancement aspects by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the two planets that form the aspect. One of the symbolisms of the Sun is "the day," and one of the symbolisms of Jupiter is "peace." Therefore a Sun-Jupiter enhancement is a sign of a day (Sun) of peace (Jupiter). We want to use this example to illustrate a concept of Magi Astrology that we call the VALID RANGE OF INTERPRETATION. There are always at least several interpretations for any planetary aspect. An interpretation is valid so long as we use the validated symbolisms of the planets. Therefore, a day when there is a Sun Jupiter enhancement cannot validly be interpreted as a day of war because war is not a symbolism of Jupiter; it is a symbolism of Mars. But if a day had a Sun-Mars enhancement, then it could be a day of war. For example, the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor had a Sun-Mars enhancement.

All planets have a number of symbolisms. The Sun symbolizes the day, but one of its other symbolisms is that of a "person." Jupiter symbolizes peace, and also forgiveness and good fortune, among other things. This variation of symbolisms for a planet is essential to astrology because each planetary aspect can be interpreted according to the various symbolisms of the planet. It is these symbolisms that determine the valid range of the interpretations of any aspect.

For example, a Jupiter-Sun enhancement can mean a day of peace or a person of peace because the Sun symbolizes both the day and the person. Let us give you some examples of persons of peace with Jupiter-Sun enhancements. In our opinion, three important men of peace in this century are Mikhail Gorbachev, Oral Roberts, and Billy Graham. Each of them was born on a day with Jupiter trine the Sun. Rev. Graham was born on November 7, 1918; and Rev. Roberts was born on January 24, 1918.

Most historians agree that Mr. Gorbachev was the driving force in ending the Cold War. Under every other Soviet leader who preceded Gorbachev, an end to the Cold War would have not only been impossible, it would have been unthinkable. Mr. Gorbachev was born on March 2, 193 1, and there was a very exact trine of Sun and Jupiter on that day. And in our opinion, as America's two leading evangelists, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham are important men of peace. These examples help us realize that a natal aspect is often a sign of the character of the person.

This does not mean that everyone born on a day with a Sun-Jupiter enhancement is a person of peace. We all have free will, and we can interact with every planetary aspect that we are born with in whatever way we chose, except that we almost always stay within the range of valid interpretations.

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