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Each planet has a range of symbolisms. In order for astrology to be valid, each and every symbolism of a planet must be consistent. The consistency of all the symbolisms of each planet is one of the most important rules of Magi Astrology. Let us explain what we mean.

The astrological concept of symbolisms is very similar to the idea that each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different impact and effect on our personalities. These different influences of the 12 signs are very much like the different symbolisms of the planets. However, whereas the influences of each sign concentrate on personalities, the symbolisms of all of the planets cover the whole of life and every possible aspect of life. This includes tangibles as well as intangibles.

In astrology, there is a planet that is symbolic of each type of idea, special talent, skill, ability, feeling, mood, science, study, language; and each type of knowledge, profession, career, and status (such as being married or divorced). There is also a planet that symbolizes each part of the body; each element, mineral, living organism, plant, drug, and each type of thing that human beings build or make, such as airplanes, nuclear weapons, telephones, computers, rubber tires, clothes, and automobiles. Everything is a symbolism of one of the planets - absolutely everything.

The symbolisms of the planets are the heart and soul of astrology. The planets are like words, and their symbolisms are the definitions of the language of the planets and stars. Just as each word in a language has a set of definitions, each planet has a set of symbolisms, or definitions. In astrology, everything conceivable is covered and included among the symbolisms of the planets. Since there are only 11 planets, in order for astrology to cover all facets of life, each planet must have quite a few symbolisms. However, every symbolism of any one planet must always be consistent with all of that planet's other symbolisms. This last rule is vital for the integrity of astrology and also its accuracy.

Take, for example, the symbolisms of Jupiter. We pointed out earlier that both Billy Graham and Oral Roberts were born with a Sun-Jupiter aspect, and we used them as examples of men of peace, which is an interpretation of the Sun-Jupiter aspect. Although Billy Graham and Oral Roberts are not renowned worldwide as men of peace per se, they are known to be men of Christianity, and Christianity has a message of peace. For example, Christianity teaches us: If someone strikes you, turn the other cheek. If everyone followed such teachings, there would be peace on Earth, and good will toward all men. Therefore, it is consistent for Jupiter to symbolize both peace and Christianity. Jupiter also symbolizes forgiveness, which is necessary for peace, and is also a centerpiece of Christian teachings.

Such examples should help you understand what we mean when we say that the various symbolisms of a planet have to all be consistent. You might ask: What would be inconsistent? If, for example, Mars symbolized war and gentleness, that would be inconsistent. If Jupiter symbolized Christianity and revenge, that would be inconsistent. If Jupiter symbolized good fortune and losses, that would be inconsistent. As it turns out, Jupiter is symbolic of forgiveness, and Saturn symbolizes revenge and losses.

The symbolisms of Magi Astrology are completely consistent. This allows a range of interpretations that are consistent with each other. This is a very important concept to understand because every planetary aspect can be interpreted using any symbolism of the planet. This also means that the influence of a planetary aspect varies, and the range of variation is determined by the range of valid and consistent symbolisms of the planets.

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