The Romance Planets and Romance Aspects

There are also planets that help give birth to, fortify, and strengthen love and harmony between two persons. There are three such planets, and we call them ROMANCE PLANETS. Like the Sexual Planets, the Romance Planets are the ones you would expect from their symbolisms. Chiron, Venus, and Neptune are all Romance Planets. Chiron is the most important and most powerful, but the other two are not far behind-and all three play a crucial role in all emotional relationships. Like the Sexual Planets, the Romance Planets combine to make a special type of aspect. Whenever any two of them create an aspect, they create what we call ROMANCE ASPECTS. Any aspect that is created by any pairing of Chiron, Venus, or Neptune is a Romance Aspect, and people who are born with such aspects have a very strong desire and need for love and relationships; they do not want to be alone, and most cannot be alone. Such persons almost always want to be married and have a family, or at least be in love. For these reasons, they fall in love the fastest. Obviously, confirmed bachelors do not have Romance Aspects in their birth charts. Just so there is no confusion, here is a listing of the Romance Aspects:

* Chiron and Venus can mean desire (Venus) for marriage (Chiron) and children (Chiron);

* Venus and Neptune can mean desire (Venus) for long-term relationships (Neptune); and

* Chiron and Neptune can mean long-term (Neptune) marriage (Chiron) or romance (Chiron).

Here, again, there is a difference between how women and men react to aspects. There are four other pairings of planets that create Romance Aspects, but they apply only to women. Sun-Venus, Venus-Moon, Sun-Chiron, and Moon-Chiron are all FEMALE ROMANCE ASPECTS but do not influence the man in the same way. These four aspects induce women to be more romantic and more desirous of meaningful relationships, marriage, children, and a family. Men are oblivious to such influences from these particular aspects.

In a man, the Sun-Venus aspect is a sign of beauty without the special overtones of romanticism that their female counterparts have. The Sun-Chiron and Moon-Chiron aspects are signs of men who would be good fathers, but again, these characteristics are not attached to romanticism. It is just the way most men are.

Such facts help us understand the gap between the way women and men view heterosexual relationships. Men are more sexual in part because there are more Sexual Aspects that work on men; and women are more romantic and are in greater need of meaningful relationships because there are more Romance Aspects that affect them. However, women are also more romantic because men are men and women are women. This mystery makes life more intriguing.

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