The Planets Can Be Feminine Masculine or Neutral

Astrologers have long believed that each of the 12 zodiac signs is either feminine or masculine. In much the same way, Magi Astrology believes that each planet is masculine or feminine, except that some can be neutral. This has a bearing when interpreting characteristics and personality, because when the Sun matches degrees with a planet, the masculine or feminine nature of the matched planet will influence the character of the person. Mars and Pluto are the most masculine planets, and Neptune and Venus are the most feminine planets. This means that people who are born with an aspect of the Sun and Mars, or Sun and Pluto are the most masculine people in the zodiac. Those born with an aspect of the Sun and Neptune, or the Sun and Venus are the most feminine people in the zodiac.

But this is only one astrological factor, and it is important that we not give it too much emphasis when rendering an interpretation. Each planetary aspect and other astrological factors must be taken 'Into consideration even the sex of the person. After all, the male and female hormones still work according to the sex of the individual.

Here are all the planets listed by masculine or feminine tendencies:

Mercury: masculine Venus: very feminine

Moon: feminine

Mars: very masculine; the most masculine planet

Jupiter: neutral

Saturn: masculine

Chiron: neutral

Uranus: feminine

Neptune: very feminine; the most feminine planet Pluto: very masculine

The Sun is neutral.

From time to time, we will apply this knowledge of the masculine and feminine influences of the planets to help us understand how to most completely and accurately comprehend the meaning of planetary aspects.

It can be very useful information, because men and women love in different ways. The love of a woman is more idealistic, lasts longer, is more giving, less sexual, and more family oriented than the love of a man. But like everything else that has to do with humankind, these are only generalities. There are men who have the capability to love in the same way that women usually do. We can tell if a particular man is such a person by the aspects he was born with. For example, the Venus-Neptune aspect is such an indication. Both planets are feminine; they mean long-term (Neptune) and feminine (Neptune) love (Venus).

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