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The Babylonians' interest in astrology originated from their desire to be able to predict the future for their monarchs and themselves. At first they were mainly looking for ways to tell if a day was good for planting a crop, or harvesting one. Along the way, for obvious reasons, the Babylonians quickly became just as interested in trying to predict matters of war and peace, and also natural catastrophes. Was a day good for peace? Was there danger, because a war could break out? Or would a day be one that might bring about a major tragedy, such as an earthquake, flood, or assassination? The Babylonians were also very interested in the destiny of all newborn babies and believed that astrology could foretell their future based on the day the infant was born. The Babylonians studied astrology because they wanted to be able to predict whether a baby would be a king, a great warrior-or maybe a very talented musician, poet, or astrologer.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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