The Most Important Planets in Combined Geometry

When you're analyzing a Combined Alignment Chart and looking for clues as to the exact nature of the stars' influence on a relationship, it can sometimes become confusing because it is hard to tell which Combined

Geometry is the most important to a relationship. To help us sort all this out, we need to bear in mind that both the power and precise nature of all Combined Geometry is dependent on which planets make up the geometry (referred to as the Planetary Composition).

As we stressed earlier, Chiron is the most important planet in creating long-term relationships. The impact of the planets is listed below in their order of importance to a relationship:

1. Chiron

2. Venus

7. Saturn

8. Mars

3. Neptune

9. Mercury

10. Pluto

11. Uranus

5. Jupiter

6. Moon

What the order of this listing tells us is that a Combined Geometry that includes Chiron is always more Important than one that does not have Chiron. The second most significant Combined Geometry that any couple can have is one that includes Venus, and the next after that is one that includes Neptune. And so on.

A Grand Trine in the sky does not tell us if the day is good or bad; it is only a sign that the day is too important to be ignored. However, Grand Trines in Combined Geometry are not only important, but also very helpful. The Grand Trine is the most harmonious symmetrical pattern. Sometimes, a couple will have a conjunction at a comer of the grand trine. This makes it much more powerful and creates a Double Grand Trine. The more planets that form a symmetrical pattern, the more helpful the pattern.

There is a symmetrical pattern that is powerful but actually is not helpful. It is the T-square. When two persons form a T-square, it is a sign of attraction and disharmony. The T-square is the only combined symmetrical pattern that we have found to not be helpful to a long-term relationship. We call it TURBULENT COMBINED GEOMETRY. It creates a great deal of attraction, so we have to be careful about it since we are all very attracted to someone with whom we form it. The T-square creates a roller-coaster relationship and flip-flops back and forth between extreme attraction and extreme antagonism. Unless you want to have an up-and-down relationship, you should get off, or better still, not get on at all. We will see an example of this later when we discuss Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller.

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