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The Zodiac Sign Chart represents one coordinate of the position of the planets, and the Declinations Chart represents the other coordinate of the planets. In order to advance astrology to two dimensions as simply as possible, the Magi Society has developed a special way of drawing birth charts so that a single drawing has both the Declinations Chart as well as the Zodiac Sign Chart. Such a chart is called a MAGI ASTROCHART, and all the birth charts in this book from this point on are examples of them. Please examine Figures 7B and 7C at the end of this chapter. They are the Magi AstroCharts of both President Bill Clinton and Bill Gates (the world's richest man). Clinton and Gates are obviously two of America's most powerful men, and we chose them to illustrate a point about the importance of the Declinations Chart. The greatest advantage of a Magi AstroChart is that it combines your Declinations Chart with your Zodiac Sign Chart (Babylonian Alignment Chart) into a single integrated and easily viewable chart. We combine the two charts by placing a person's Declinations Chart inside the circle of the Babylonian Alignment Chart. Both the Babylonian Alignment Chart portion and the Declinations Chart portion have a full set of planets, one set representing the horizontal position (longitudes) of the planets and the other set representing the vertical position (declinations). For this reason, in a Magi AstroChart, there are two full sets of planets. There is a horizontal line running across that cuts the circle in exactly half. This line represents zero degrees of declination, which is the declinational position of the Sun at the spring equinox, as well as at the fall equinox. The zero-degree line is the EQUINOX LINE. The declinations are measured either north or south of the Equinox Line. This means that there are two possible positions of each numeric degree; there is both a ten-degree north and a ten-degree south declination.

There Are Planetary Aspects in the Declinations Chart

We explained in chapter 4 that a planetary aspect is a meaningful alignment of planets. A meaningful alignment of planets can occur in the Declinations Chart as well as the Babylonian Alignment Chart (longitudes). Planetary aspects occur in the declinations whenever two planets are both in the same degree and also on the same side of the Equinox Line, such as Bill Clinton's Jupiter and Chiron. Astrologers call such a planetary aspect a PARALLEL. The two planets are referred to as being parallel to each other. When two planets are in the same degree but on opposite sides of the Equinox Line, like Bill Gates's Jupiter and Chiron, we say that the two planets are CONTRAPARALLEL to each other. This alignment also creates a planetary aspect in the declinations, and the aspect is called a contra-parallel. Both the parallel and the contraparallel are the equivalent of the conjunction in the Babylonian Alignment Chart (although the contra-parallel is not as strong as the parallel). This means that the parallel and contra-parallel are not only planetary aspects, but they are also enhancement aspects. Since astrology is consistent, this also means that such declinational planetary aspects are interpreted the same way as the enhancements are in the Babylonian Alignment Charts; you simply combine and integrate the symbolisms of the planets that comprise the aspect.

Let us use an example to help illustrate what we just said. In Figure 5G of chapter 5, we provided the declinations for the day that JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier first met. If you look back to that chart, you will notice that the Sun was in 17.0 degrees north declinations and Chiron was in 17 degrees south declinations. This means that these two planets formed an aspect and there was an exact contra-parallel of the Sun and Chiron because these two planets were in the same degree and matched degrees. This aspect can be interpreted as signifying that it was a day (Sun) of marriage (Chiron) and spouses (Chiron) and children (Chiron). There is no question that it was such a day because they got married, became each other's spouse, and the marriage produced children. See how important the declinations can be?

Planetary linkages and interaspects are also created and interpreted in a similar manner. The north side and the south side of the declinations can each be viewed as being similar to signs of the zodiac, but there are only two signs in the declinations, as opposed to 12 of them in the longitudes. Interaspects between two persons exist wherever the declination of one person's natal planet is parallel or contra-parallel to the declination of any of the other person's natal planets.

An ORB always applies in astrology. The orb that the Magi Society prefers to use for the declinations is 1.2 degrees. Those of you who have read our book Astrology Really Works! will probably notice that the 1.2-degree orb is less than the orb we recommended in that book. At the end of chapter 12 of this book, we explain why we chose to use and introduce declinations with the wider orb in our first book, and also why we have now decreased its size. In chapter 4, we discussed the fact that an enhancement aspect was formed whenever two planets are in trine or in conjunction, but we also said at the time that there were other ways to have an enhancement aspect. We now know that there are also enhancement aspects formed in the declinations. The term enhancement aspect was introduced in Astrology Really Works! and is defined as an aspect that is created by any two planets that are aligned in one of the following four angles:

1. Trine

2. Conjunction

3. Parallel

4. Contra-parallel

Enhancement aspects are the most powerful and beneficial aspects, and we interpret them by simply combining and integrating the symbolisms of the planets that create the aspect. The term enhancement aspect is now gaining popularity among the world's leading astrologers.

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The Art Of Astrology

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