The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

To many people, the most celebrated romance in the history of the 20th century is that of King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. This king abdicated his throne, and he did it in order to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson. She was a very intelligent, charming, and attractive American who would have made a very suitable wife for almost any man -except for the fact that she'd been married twice.

This made her unsuitable in her time-especially for the King of England. Nowadays, it might seem commonplace, but their romance began not very long after the Victorian era, when it was unseemly for the King of England to even be seen with a divorcee But it was worse than that. She wasn't just a divorcee - she was a remarried divorcee who was still in her second marriage-not to mention a "commoner."

The couple met before Edward became king. She, as Mrs. Wallis Simpson, was at his side when he became king at his coronation in January of 1936. Edward was advised by cabinet ministers that the British public would not tolerate their king having a mistress, let alone one who was married. At the time, a marriage to Simpson was generally considered to be beneath the dignity of the crown of England. Defiantly, the couple went on a cruise together in August of 1936. However, there were powers in England's politics who viewed this open affair as intolerable, and used it as a means of forcing an abdication. The "powers that were" succeeded. So, Edward abdicated his throne, accepted exile terms, and married Wallis in France on June 3, 1937. The couple became known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

What is it that made Wallis Simpson so irresistible to King Edward, so different from any other that a king of England gave up his throne and agreed to being exiled? The answer, of course, is always in the stars, and the stars' answer is Romantic Super Linkages.

You cannot have a Romantic Super Linkage without Chiron, so the first step in looking for Romantic Super Linkages is to look for Chiron and Chiron aspects. Wallis Simpson had a Chiron-Neptune trine and a Venus-Chiron trine. Lo and behold, King Edward's Jupiter linked twice with her Chiron-Neptune aspect by being trine to Chiron and conjunct to her Neptune. (We have added King Edward's Jupiter to Simpson's chart, and it has a rectangle around it. Please see Figure 6F.)

Once again, a super famous married couple has a Romantic Super Linkage; it was this astrological factor that created the magical attraction and trust necessary for this well-known marriage. It also created that longing to be with one person and only that person. Nobody is immune from that feeling, not even kings. Royals need love just as much as the rest of us.

At this point, or perhaps even earlier in the book, some of you may have wondered why we choose superfamous couples and superhistoric dates as our examples. As you must know by now, the Magi Society is certain that astrology really works. If this is the case, the principles of astrology should be verifiable in virtually all of the most extreme cases. The more extreme an example, the more obvious it should be that astrology works. Therefore, the extreme cases will be the best examples to use as teaching tools. Besides, is anyone really interested in the Super Linkages formed by Harriet and Paul Nobody? To be honest, nobody is interested in the Nobodies.

So here is another extremely famous example of a couple who had a Romantic Super Linkage.

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