The Concept of the Orb and More Examples of Planetary Geometry

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Some of you may have noticed that in Napoleon's birth chart, the Grand Trine, was not exactly perfect. In order to form a perfect Grand Trine, each of the three planets that form a Grand Trine has to be exactly 120 degrees from the other. Such an event almost never happens. The Babylonian astrologers discovered that the planets do not have to form a precisely symmetrical pattern in order to still have a very powerful influence. But the more exact the formation, the more powerful the effect.

The number of degrees that two planets can be short of exactness but will still have a powerful influence, is called the ORB. The orb that the Magi Society prefers most is about three degrees. For example, in the case of Napoleon's chart, Mars and Pluto were 1.5 degrees away from being 120 degrees apart. But Mars and Pluto were within the allowable orb of three degrees to be considered effective in forming one side of the Grand Trine. It turns out that the planets that form each side of Napoleon's Grand Trine were within the three-degree allowable orb. So together, the three planets still form a Grand Trine.

But in fact, there are almost two grand trines in Napoleon's birth chart. There is nearly a conjunction of Neptune to Mars. And Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are very close to the three-degree orb of forming a second Grand Trine. When so many planets are involved in one shape, we call the result COMPLEX PLANETARY GEOMETRY. And we give more leeway in the orb for such figures. In Napoleon's case, we regard him as having two Grand Trines. The power of Napoleon's natal Planetary Geometry explains why Napoleon was able to have so much impact on all of Europe. He was born with two Grand Trines.

The formation of a Grand Trine in the sky also signaled the beginning of World War 11. Adolf Hitler sent his Nazi German army to war on September 1, 1939, by invading Poland (Figure 3H). On that day, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus formed a grand trine in the sky and is another example of the power of symmetrical alignments and how Planetary Geometry accurately foretold of a true mega-event. How much more of a m ega-event can you get than the start of a world war?

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