The Birth Chart

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The most fundamental tool in astrology is what is known as a BIRTH CHART, which is also called an ASTROLOGICAL CHART. This is the chart with a circle and the 12 zodiac signs drawn around the circle; it also includes the positions of the planets. A sample birth chart used in traditional astrology can be found at the end of this chapter. It is what all astrologers use. We will begin by teaching you what a birth chart is and how to construct it. Then we will teach you how to interpret and evaluate it, and how to use it to better your life.

To some people, the birth chart looks complicated. It Is not. In fact, it becomes very simple once you know the history of its origins. The Babylonian astrologers of over 4,000 years ago invented the first birth charts. In this chapter, we will explain how and why these Babylonian astrologers designed the birth chart as they did.

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